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Fun with Drupal Gardens

October 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Screen capture of Drupal Gardens website As a beginning web developer, learning how to build sweet websites with Drupal can be intimidating. ¬†Starting with Drupal Gardens is a great way to play with the functionality of the CMS ¬†without starting completely from scratch. It’s a hosted web development platform so you don’t need to bother registering a domain or finding hosting services to get started. But you can migrate the site you build to your own domain once you’re done. I set up a basic blog using Drupal Gardens in about 10 minutes. (Playing with the functionality is a different story – you can get lost in the features for hours.)

The most intriguing feature to me was the “simple view” which allows you to create a custom page by pulling a specified type of content from other areas of the site using metatags. It seems like a great way for online news sites, for example, to repackage existing content in new and useful ways. Stories that go stale after a few days could perhaps be pulled into topical pages that provide a history of a certain issue.